When Your Exhaust System Has a Leak

The exhaust system on your vehicle can begin to leak, causing problems with how your car is running. You might also smell exhaust fumes coming in to your vehicle, or notice that your gas is being used much faster. If you think you have a problem with your exhaust system, visit our service center at Straub Nissan to have your car inspected.

Holes in your exhaust can occur because of rust or damage to your system. When your exhaust system leaks, your car might sound really loud as you drive down the road. When your muffler is damaged, it can't work properly.

If your car doesn't get up to speed like it used to or no longer feels very powerful when you are driving, this could be because of a leak in your exhaust system. Bad smells also indicate an exhaust problem, and it's important to get this type of problem checked right away.



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