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GAP Coverage

When you purchase a new vehicle, it may happen that you owe more on it than it's technically worth after several years due to depreciation and use. It's also not uncommon for insurance companies to only cover the appraised value of your car without taking into account what you owe on it.

That's why, here at Straub Nissan, we're proud to offer Guaranteed Auto Protection insurance. This type of insurance coverage helps make up for the difference between what you receive from your insurance company and the amount you actually owe. This insurance can be conveniently combined with your car payments so that you have the ability to drive with more protection and peace of mind while only slightly increasing your payments.

When to Consider GAP Insurance

  • Purchasing a New Vehicle
  • Purchasing a Lightly Used Vehicle
  • Purchasing an Expensive Vehicle
  • Financing a Large Amount

If you would like to find out more about GAP Coverage, or are interested in purchasing a new vehicle in Triadelphia, WV, drop by Straub Nissan at 205 Straub Drive, Triadelphia, WV 26059. We look forward to serving our customers from Wheeling, WV and Pittsburgh, PA!