How Often Should You Have Your Oil Changed? | Triadelphia WV | Near Wheeling & Moundsville

At Straub Nissan, we know that keeping up with scheduled and routine maintenance makes or breaks a good car. Sometimes doing this can be confusing, and knowing how to schedule service can be difficult. One of the most basic kinds of routine service is an oil change.

There is much debate as to how often oil should be changed. The simple answer is that it varies car to car and person to person. Check out these guidelines we've included to help you decide what type of schedule works best for your particular situation.

3,000 Miles: Fact or Fiction?

"Get your oil changed after 3,000 miles" was once the mantra of mechanics and car owners everywhere. Today, however, things have changed. While 3,000 miles was a good guideline for older cars, mechanics are mostly in consensus today that the number has increased for most models manufactured in the year 2008 or later. The reason for this is that both engine and oil technology have since improved. The new recommended mileage is somewhere in the neighborhood of 7,500, although older models should stick to a lower threshold, like 5,000. Six months is a good general time frame, so that you can also have your car inspected for other services it may need.

How Do You Drive?

Experts also say that the type of driving you do and the climate you live in can also affect how often you should get your oil changed. A city-dweller may need to have their oil changed more often because the frequent starting and stopping and short driving distance works the engine hard without giving the oil a chance warm up enough to work at full capacity. Colder climates also lead to poor oil-functionality for the same reason.

Check Your Owner's Manual

When inspecting the interior, one of the first things you need to check for is odor. If the car smells like mold, must or mildew that could indicate a water leak or flood damage. Make sure to also check the seats to see if they are worn or have any tears in the upholstery. You also need to make sure that the seats work properly and that you can get the drivers seat into the right position. You always need to make sure to test the controls and instruments to make sure that they are working properly. Lastly, you need to take a look at the roof and make sure that there are no signs of staining or water leaking through a sunroof or window.

These are primarily general guidelines to give you a better idea about scheduling. Ultimately, the best source to consult would be a mechanic specializing in your car's manufacturer. No two cars are alike, so an expert opinion is always the best option.

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