Know How to Replace a Flat Tire

November 30th, 2018 by

A flat tire can happen to anyone and you want to be prepared when it happens to you. It is important, above all, that you stay safe if you are in a situation where you are driving and suddenly one of your tires is flat.

When you have a flat tire, you need to get your vehicle onto an even surface and as far off the road as you can get it. You then need to locate the vehicle's jack and its spare tire. You need to lift the vehicle off of the ground and work on removing the flat so that you can replace that with the spare.

We want you to stay safe when you are dealing with a flat tire or any other difficult situation. Come by Straub Nissan in Triadelphia for all of your vehicle service needs and to get help when you need to put a new tire on your vehicle.



Source: Straub Nissan

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