Nissan Rogue Sport Raises Eyebrows in the Efficiency Department

February 6th, 2019 by

The new Nissan Rogue Sport is a popular and economical midsize SUV. The Rogue Sport gives drivers and passengers many of the benefits that come with an SUV without the drawbacks of poor fuel economy.

That said, the Rogue Sport is no Rogue in the power department. Even though this vehicle only boasts a 2.0L, 4-cylinder/motor, it still puts out a very respectable 141hp with 147 foot-pounds of torque to boot. Even though the Rogue Sport can put out this much power, it still provides drivers with 32-mpg/highway fuel efficiency.

In addition to its performance and efficiency, the Nissan SUV helps drivers along with a number of special technologies. One such technology is the Nissan ProPilot system. This system can basically take over most driving functions, and it can keep the vehicle going at flow of traffic speeds in a straight line, maintain the vehicle in this lane, and even bring the vehicle to a safe stop if and when it becomes necessary.



Source: Straub Nissan

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