Performance Technology Used in the Nissan 370Z

August 22nd, 2019 by

Technology is one of the best ways car manufacturers add performance to their sports cars. This is true for the iconic Nissan 370Z. It uses plenty of technology to make it a great daily driver and a capable track car.

One of these technologies that have a dual purpose is the continuously variable valve timing control system. This system can change the vehicle's tune on the fly and either give it more power and a broader torque curve, or it can be optimized for fuel efficiency and producing fewer emissions. This makes the 370Z great for cruising around town or for blazing down a country road. The 370Z also uses high-tech materials like carbon fiber in the driveshaft and radiator support to save weight. The carbon fiber driveshaft also allows for a quicker revving engine.

To see how these technologies affect the driving characteristics of the 370Z, you should take one for a test drive at Straub Nissan. We think you will love how the 370Z handles.



Source: Straub Nissan

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