Perks Of Buying Used Cars | Triadelphia WV | Near Wheeling & Pittsburgh

If you’re on a budget or know anything about vehicle depreciation, then you know that a used car can be an amazing investment. Our goal is for all of our customers to be as informed as possible before they purchase a vehicle. So that’s why we took the liberty of listing out some of the benefits you can experience when you purchase a used vehicle. Take a peek at just a few of the perks of buying a used vehicle that we've listed below. Everyone's situation is different, but hopefully you'll find this information useful when you make your decision.


One perk that one might think of first is affordability. A used car is objectively cheaper than a new one. This means that if you need to take out a loan, your down payment and monthly payments will be much more manageable for a used car rather than a new car. Plus, it’s easier to pay for a used car all at once, meaning you wouldn't even have to worry about paying on it monthly. Buying used could also possibly mean spending less for more features, or for a nicer model than what you had before.

Lower Insurance Rates

In addition to moderate monthly payments, you'll find that insuring your used vehicle will also be more affordable. Insurance rates are determined by the estimated value of your car, and since used cars are usually cheaper, so is their insurance.

Slower Depreciation

A new car loses a large chunk of its value within the first few years that you own it. While depreciation is a constant process with cars, it tends to flatten out more after those years. A used car will probably have gone through this steep decline in value when you buy it, which means you end up paying considerably less.


Manufacturers stop making certain models relatively often in the automotive industry, sometimes even the ones we're attached to. When you buy used, you have the option to purchase a vehicle that's not being built anymore. Plus, you can find cars with different trims or features that may no longer be available on those models. Buying used is all about options, because you aren't limited by the features and trims of a single year.

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